Jared and Whitney's goal is to provide students with a foundational understanding of the Gospel and equip them with the tools they need to be a light to their generation. Their desire for Crave Student Ministries is to create an atmosphere of community and discipleship while building a biblical foundation for the youth that will last beyond their teenage years. Jared and Whitney enjoy spending time with their family, friends, and their cats. You will also see Jared slapping the bass on Sunday mornings and possibly slapping a few other instruments or the soundboard as well.  Whitney is a graduate of Harvest Bible College and Jared is currently a student at INSTE Bible College. 

Pastor Andrew & Victoria Bates

     Lead Pastor & Worship Leader


West Des Moines Open Bible


Jared & Whitney Brown

     Youth Directors 

Pastor Andrew has been in a pastoral role for over 10 years. He has a heart to see the hopeless find hope through the love of Jesus.  He is very passionate about building the Church to look more like Christ again. When not doing Church related work, you will find him with his family either playing music, outside hiking, biking, or walking, or traveling somewhere around the world. Andrew is a Graduate of INSTE Bible College and is currently taking classes from the school of life. 

Victoria is a passionate worshipper. She started helping and leading worship in her teens and never stopped. She believes God wants to encounter every single person in a very unique way. When she isn't singing (which is not likely) you will find her hanging out with friends, playing with her kids, or following her husband on another adventure. Victoria attended International House of Prayer University for worship leading with a focus on vocal performance, Currently she is taking classes at INSTE Bible College

Andrew and Victoria have 3 lovely kids and a very rambunctious dog named Dragon. They also write their own music which you can find anywhere you listen to music. Check it out here.