Our Mission

“Love Christ, advance His Kingdom and to love and equip His people”

It's Our Mission to....

Walk in the Light:
* By supporting believers in their growing relationship with Christ so they can be transformed in their mind, leaving old behaviors, attitudes, and thoughts behind, and walk in the light, as a sanctified people transformed into His image.
* In providing discipleship to believers, enabling them to reach spiritual maturity through education, relationship, and accountability.


* To be a people who are active in evangelism in simple ways using individual personalities, skills and gifts, thereby incorporating evangelism into our daily lives, and as a body, to be proactive and intentional in "going out" into the community and by allowing the Holy Spirit to inspire within us, creative and new ideas in evangelism.

Raise up a Kingdom Generation:

* By cultivating within the youth, a passion and love for Jesus in an environment of people who are passionately in love with Jesus, and to raise up a Kingdom generation of youth who have a biblical worldview, are Kingdom minded, operate in their gifts and talents, and walk in the supernatural.

Maintain Fellowship in Unity

* By celebrating diversity in the individual, appreciating the creativity in which we were all designed, while being joined together in unity, as one body of Christ, with Christ as the head and as our focus.

Be a People of ACTION

* Through regular outreaches that serve the poor, and also remembering widows, orphans, and other needs that arise in our fellowship and community.

* By participating in active evangelism projects that cause us to get out of our seats and onto the streets!

Empower and Equip Believers in Ministry

* By meeting in small groups where; gifts can be nurtured and validated, individuals are provided with a safe environment to practice and mature their gifts and talents, and emerging leaders are identified and utilized.

* Through leadership training and mentoring with mature and established leaders.

* In providing encouragement of individual ministries and outreach ideas through mentoring, prayer, and material support as directed by the Lord.

Apply the Good News to your daily life.

Service Times

Sunday Worship: 10:00am

Wednesday Bible Study: 7:00pm

Youth-H2E: 7:00pm

Congregation of faith