Starting June 7, we will reopen our church for in-person service! 

Things will be a little different but at least we can be together!  We will have chairs spaced out a lot more to follow social distancing protocols, offering and communion will not be passed around through the rows, there will be no donuts, and there will be more hand sanitizer "stations."  We ask that you hold back from hugs and handshakes until you ask if it's ok. 

Feel free to wear a mask and/or gloves if that makes you feel more comfortable.

If you feel sick, please stay home, but let us know so we can pray! 


​Service Updates


We are still the Church, so be the Church! Please make the most of every opportunity, shining the light of the Gospel into the darkness around us!  Don't lose hope, in Hebrews, it says God can shake everything that can be shaken, but Colossians says, Christ holds everything together. So in Christ we have nothing to fear and know that we can still stand firm during this time. 

​We are praying for everyone of you during this time. See you soon. 

West Des Moines Open Bible

We are Still Offering Help

If you are in need of any assistance during this time, do not hesitate to reach out to us! We will do everything within our power to help. Contact Us Here. 

Our outdoor community pantry has been successfully helping many families! If you need something please check the pantry. Also we are continuously taking donations to keep the pantry as stocked as possible. Feel free to put items into the pantry yourself or drop them off to us! Click the picture below for directions. 

Also during this time we are still taking tithes and offering. You can GIVE HERE, mail a check to our office, or drop it off. 

What about Online Church? 

We will continue to stream our service LIVE over on our facebook page every Sunday. So if you aren't ready to join in-person, thats ok, join us online!

Wednesdays will resume in-person on June 3 at 630pm.

While we will be meeting in person, we will not be eating a meal together at this time, but at least we get to see everyone's faces! We will continue to use zoom for those who are uncomfortable meeting in-person but still want to join us! 

To join by internet video or audio click HERE

you can also join by phone by calling 1-312-626-6799 meeting ID 822 100 308